LEATHER GOODS brand refresh, 2015 // with PACKAGING & WEB DESIGN

** Original logo designed by Marli Joubert

Stellenbosch Web Design
website design flyer
Stellenbosch Web Design
website design flyer
website design flyer
Freedom of Movement Adverts

In an effort to better inform our strategy for the Freedom of Movement brand refresh, we pitted the desired target market against current design trends . We decided to position the brand as young and fresh but still timeless and trustworthy. It was important for the client to maintain the personal nature of the brand and to emphasise the quality of both the design and craftmanship that is involved in the crafting process.

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E-COMMERCE // The goals of the FOM website was to increase conversion, highlight the product offerings, and optimize customization services. This site would break the boundries of Stellenbosch Web Design as we know it.

FOCUSED LANDING PAGE // This homepage not only showcases the beautiful leather products on offer but also embodies the young and vibrant lifestyle that the brand represents.

CONTRAST & EMPHASIS // We decided to offset the tactile nature of the products with a clean and modern design. Cool turquoise compliments warm browns to subtly draw attention to the natural quality of the  leather.

TYPE CHOICE // Angular modern fonts emphasises FOM’s contemporary edge  while italic serifs speak of the experience and durability with which the products are crafted. 

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