FASHION DESIGN corporate identity, 2015 // with ONLINE STORE

website development
Katry Beaurain

Offering world class website development on a boutique scale, this fashion brand needed a classy platform to launch from. An elegant logo design on a sleek online store reflects the timeless simplicity that this brand represents. Less is more in this user friendly site with plenty of white space to frame the products showcased.

** Photography by Nico Krijno


BACKWARD //   By inverting the reading direction the first name ( katryn ) invites the viewer to engage with the icon by forcing the brain to read backwards. The bold nature of the surname ( beaurain ) ensures that the logo-type is still perfectly legible.

CONTRAST // Angular lines in the top of this icon perfectly balance the weight of the surname at the bottom. Contrasting type weights is pleasing to the eye, and draws the reader through the image.

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