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Do you know where to find the best art prints in cape town?

By May 15, 2015 No Comments

So you’re looking for the very best in Handmade Letterpress Printed Cards, Bespoke Stationery and Illustrated Greeting Cards? Well, look no further as we’ve applied our utmost to offer you the very best that online art shopping has to order in our new E-commerce store.

Bridging the gap between high and low art, our work is carefully considered and expertly crafted. Production numbers are kept to the absolute minimum to ensure that your artwork is unique and special. Our letterpress ranges are printed using a home-made press and our own blood, sweat and tears. The same goes for all embossings on our Limited Edition artist stamps.

To make each artwork personal and to rekindle the art of letter writing, all our artworks are available in a card format, which ensures that the clean print stays unblemished. Frame these in one of our bespoke wooden frames and you’re good to go.

Our Fairytale ranges give the edge to any children’s room while the Proverb prints are a quirky addition to any living room. Why not offer a framed box set to a mother-to-be or new house owner?

Catering for the discerning eye our Limited Edition ranges is loaded with satire and innuendo.  Choose your favourite for that special someone or share a personal joke with your closest friends. Love them or hate them, these quirky prints will encourage discussion if nothing else. Each print comes with a signed artist embossing and separate artist certificate.
The Kurces range features hand-painted gold elements which vary from print to print.

Our larger fine art prints are printed on only the finest cotton art paper, using unique 7-ink technology and ships in a custom-made Eroko Wooden Frame, picking up the highlights of the hand-painted gold finishing. 

Feel free to browse around, and please don’t hesitate to add something to the basket, but whatever you do, enjoy your stay!