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The basics of Instagram Advertising

By Mar 22, 2018 No Comments

Instagram advertising is one of the most effective & accessible platforms on which companies can showcase products and create brand awareness.

How does advertising on Instagram work?

Instagram advertising comes in the form of promoted posts and is ideal for those who want to supplement the organic reach of their posts.

Ads operates on a cost-per-click basis which means that you only pay once an ad is clicked by a user. This advertising plan allows keeping the costs down while aligning to the budget. The downside to Instagram’s costing policy is that the clicks are much more pricey than that of Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Read more about the cost of Instagram advertising here.  

On the other hand, the platform’s click-through and engagement rates are the highest of all the social media networks. Instagram claims that sponsored ads show a 2.8x higher response rate than other social networks. Combined with longer site visits (when directed by the app) this justifies the high cost of boosted posts.

Who should advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform to advertise on, but you would have to do research into your target market to see if they are active on the platform. Since it’s inception, Instagram audiences have primarily consisted of the younger generations. It’s only in recent years that older demographics have started to venture onto the app.

Who is my audience and how do I target them?

Getting noticed on Instagram doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not by the right people. The value of a follow or a like for any business stretches only as far as it converts into a sale. Similar to Facebook, when setting up your account, you are allowed to create a custom audience from the more than 1 billion active daily users to target in your adverts. Based on Instagram behavioural data, as well as Facebook demographics, you can really hone in on the relevant market segment that you want to reach.

Targets are based on factors such as:

  • geography (all the way from country down to zip code),
  • age, gender, profession,
  • accounts that users follow or frequently engage with,
  • and relevant hashtags.

Instagram’s detailed targeting allows your brand to tailor content based on user interests.

Megan Arevalo has the following to say about connecting with your niche target market on Instagram:

“If you want to find your audience on Instagram, you will need to connect with the competition and their followers, influencers and thought leaders, and other profiles related to your industry. This includes following them (in the hope they will return the favor) but also commenting, liking and sharing their posts when it’s suitable and you have something of value to add.”  


What should my Instagram Ads Look like?

Instagram is a whole different platform to Twitter or Facebook and so different set of rules should apply to advertising here. Because Instagram is a photosharing app at its core, audiences are wary about inauthentic content. Don’t underestimate your audience’s ability to smell an add from miles away. The trick to advertising on Instagram is to blend in rather than to stick out. Try to make your ads look similar to the other content that people are seeing and avoid putting text over images.

To get results, your ad needs to add value. Instagram users spend time on the app for mostly visual stimulation. Make sure that your posts have stunning imagery to set it apart from the strong visual competition.

And hashtags?

The success of  Instagram content is mainly due to the complementary nature of photographic content and text. Try not to simply repeat what users see on an image in the text. Rather supplement the message by showcasing a different angle or adding extra details. Keep your copy brief and attention-grabbing.

Getting Started?

Setting up your Instagram journey can be daunting. Remember that learning who your audience is, what content they enjoy and how to best engage with them takes time. The most important thing is to start somewhere.

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