WINE FARM logo and web design, 2016 // with PACKAGING & SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGN

logo design and website
logo design
Bosjes Social Media
Bosjes Social Media
logo and social media design
Bosjes Social Media
Logo and Social Media design
logo and social media design
logo and social media design
Logo and Social Media Design

The logo design for this brand is inspired by the Bosjes experience. The owners of this farm understand that we can appreciate both the finer and the small things in life. This is where luxury meets good old farm life. A beautiful chapel designed by Coetzee Steyn of Steyn Studios is surrounded by the majestic Witzenberg mountains.

The farm’s family history form an integral part of the brand. The name, originally Bosjesman’s Valley Farm means small bushes’ in Dutch. It is situated just outside Worcester in the Western Cape, about 60 minutes drive from Cape Town. The farm was established in 1831 and has been owned by the same family ever since. Thus it was clear that the branding had to reflect the rich history of this Stoffberg family.

The impressive chapel and modern interior of the manor house all form part of the farm’s stylish make over. It was thus important that the logo and web design complimented the luxury and simplicity of the brand.

The Bosjes approach strips away everything that is unimportant. What your left with, then is something that is valuable but uncomplicated.  The brand, then, is all about a quality experience in the richness of nature.

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FORMAT // The logo design is inspired by the traditional way of representing dates on Dutch Manor houses. This highlights the location and history of the Farm.

PINEAPPLE // Historically, pineapples are a symbol of Victorian hospitality. A modern take on this fruit welcomes visitors to the farm with open arms.

THUMB PRINT // The curved line of the chapel roof serves as a starting point for the pattern inside the pineapple logo. The finger print is a symbol of the personal and unique experience at the farm.  It is also a subtle reminder of the architecture which makes Bosjes so special.

DATE // Although the family has owned the farm since 1831 it was first registered in 1970. This date is shown at the bottom of the logo to show a rich hitory.

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