e-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites allow shop and business owners to sell products on the internet by letting users, pay online for goods or services.

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online store design and development


website with e-commerce functionality


website with e-commerce functionality


website design with e-commerce functionality


website design with e-commerce functionality


web design with e-commerce functionality


website design with online store

Designing e-commerce websites can be a daunting process for many. There are so many things to consider, from budget to ease-of-use to your site’s performance. Taking your business from a simple brochure site to an online store is an exciting step but should be taken with care.

Remember that e-commerce websites are built with a different function in mind. They should not only inform and showcase your brand online, but should allow consumers to shop with ease. Users should be able to move from browsing to check out in as few clicks as possible. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your design is intuitive and easy to use. The main goal of your store is to convert users into customers, without which the whole website loses its purpose.

At Catchatiger we use WordPress as a CMS (content-management-system) with WooCommerce as a E-commerce platform. WooCommerce basic is a free plugin and one of the most trusted online shopping solutions available.

Due to the popularity of the technology, there are multiple free and paid-for plugins and extensions to customise the shopping experience to your logistical and technical requirements. Both WordPress and its E-commerce component is user-friendly and simple to use, which means that the client can easily edit and update products, prices and pages. There are also numerous online videos and tutorials available to guide you around the WordPress environment.

Remember that even the best website design will be affected by poor performance. It is extremely important that your site makes use of the best hosting provider, payment gateway and optimisation services.

All of this sounding like gibberish?  Please feel free to give us a shout to discuss your upcoming project.